Michigan Lighting Hall of Fame

The Michigan Lighting Hall of Fame was started in 2013 to recognize and honor lighting professionals with a Michigan connection who have contributed in a significant way to the lighting industry.

All inductees receive a plaque and are added to the Michigan Lighting Hall of Fame plaque, which is displayed annually at our product show.


  • Leslie M. North, IALD, PE, LC, LEED AP (2018)
  • Janet Lennox Gruel, FIALD (2017)
  • Stefan Graf, FIALD (2016)
  • Ivan Kirlin (2016)
  • Mojtaba Navvab, Phd, FIES (2015)
  • John Selander, LC, LEED, AR, IES (2015)
  • Dave Thrasher (2015)
  • Alan Lewis, OD, PhD, FIES (2014)
  • Naomi Miller, FIES, FIALD, LC (2014)
  • Gary Steffy, LC, FIALD, IES (2014)
  • James, R. Benya, FIES, LC (2013)
  • David DiLaura, FIES (2013)
  • Stephen Squillace, FIES (2013)